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This is a 40-day challenge to find out if in fact “The Love Dare” really works. Can we mend our broken, cracked and sometimes crumbling relationships by applying love throughout our daily lives. Is it possible to seriously trust and believe in God to the extent that He will provide everything we need including sincere, intimate companionship with a person that we hope to love forever.

What the heck is a blog and/or a blogger?
In simplified terms, it is just a website in which you can either add comments and not.  Some are personal journals, much like a diary.  Then others are more informative, such as news sites, which usually require you to sign-up before you are able to post any comments.  For a more comprehensive definition, I’ve included a link for your casual reading – What is a Blog? Oh, I forgot to mention, a blog may also be referenced as a blogspot or weblog. Semantics!

Now that you have a basic understanding of a blog, you now need to know who in the heck has time to do this, and do they do it for free?  All good questions.  Well, a blogger is someone or perhaps a lot of someones who build and/or maintain the blog. They usually add a majority of the content, and you, the user add your comments. It’s really that simple. Once you make one post, you can add “bloggist” to your title. I hope you add more than just one comment, but I’ll take one if that’s all you got! I just want you to read, pass on the information, and most of all – just enjoy my experiences!

Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

Brighter Planet

Keeping it Clean
I hope you join me in joining others who are concerned about our environment. Everyone is capable of doing their part.  I often sit in the dark and watch television.  Gives me that theater effect.  Recently I’ve started using my laptop in the dark as well.  Why do I need to waste electricity when the monitor has its own light – duh!  Well, take a look at this site and see how you can help our environment for our ever growing generations.  Visit Brighter Planet’s 350 Challenge!

Keep up with the Jones’
Subscribe to the RSS Feed. For those who are not tech junkies (believe it or not I fall into this category at some stage of the game) here is a bit of info in a digested format. It is simply a way to stay current about the posts and updates on a website. All of my subscriptions are located in my Google Application. So short drive to Alaska, just click on the icon (little orange thing in the url window – https://poetiscian.wordpress.com (orange thing) and follow the instructions. Still confused email me and we’ll walk through it together.

Listening to the Birds Tweet
A year ago nobody would have been able to convinced me that using such applications as Twitter would bring fame or notoriety, but here I sit creating a blog with this exact social media component. You probably are saying, “who cares Dawn?” Well, maybe nobody, and then maybe somebody. For now, I care and hopefully sometime in the near future, you will too! So, just follow me and lets just see where I fly. (Ok, finished reading now – click on the bird like thing and follow the instructions!) Happy Tweetering.

Bloggers and Blogspots
Kerri R. Smith, LGBT Life, Relationship, Spiritual Coach – give her much love and support her endeavors.
Robin Easton, Naked in Eden Blog – she is a writer, an environmentalist, a speaker/storyteller and a musician.



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