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creative art

I am an artist.  I am a womyn.  I am a lover.  I am a mother.  I am Afri-centric. I am a friend. I am creative art in motion.  These are just some of the things THAT I am.  Through this 40-Day Challenge I am exposing WHO I am.  Do you have poetry to share?  I welcome the additions to the site…

Just When I Thought

Just when I thought it was impossible
to cry, I found it very possible

At the moment when I just had not idea
how to die, I just felt like doing it

No matter how much I ask yourself why,
no answers are to be found

And just when I thought I had to stop trying,
found myself at it one more time


When does the crying become a moment in the past
And dying a distant thought not to last

For asking gains no ground
Just as trying is only reminiscent no sound.

At the crossroad in the arms of truth
when hiding is no longer acceptable (for how many years does it take for you to realize you are too old)
and the bond that was once shared is finally broken

Does one realize that their future no longer
lies in the past, for it was the
lies in the past that brought the relationship to
an ever screeching end task

For the curtain has fallen
and the cast has departed
and the stage is now bare

It carries no sign of life
only departed memories,
which in months, years and decades
surely will be gone

But the love song will always linger on
if nothing but a silent tear drop away,
an awaiting call – one in the distant

And you will only hear it
when your movements and flurry cease
and you are finally settled into down

Will you remember the old love song
The gentle stroke of the one who once held you close
the final closing of the door – as it swings shut

Yes, you will remember and cry, for now it is you
who feels like dying because you know your efforts were less than trying
and it makes no sense to ask why – for you know why.

You did not Dare to Love!



1. Anonymous - June 2, 2015

“the curtain has fallen; the cast has departed and the stage
is now bare,” I feel that you are conveying that you were moving through life wearing a disguise. Once the real you was unveiled you wanted to die…..who were you going to live for NOT THE OLD YOU…reinventing yourself started a new life. That’s deep.
What’s deeper is I’m on a blog from 2010 LOL

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