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Day One – Love is Patient January 18, 2010

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Mind you, day one could last a minimum of one day or possibly a month. When I started on this love dare thing, I was in a very dysfunctional relationship. A relationship that from inception was based on a gigantic lie. That was 6 years ago. Well, lets just say that I started listening to the CD that I downloaded to my IPOD. What I discovered truly amazed me – one does not need to be in an intimate relationship nor marriage to benefit from the “The Love Dare” tapes.

However, one does need to have a relationship, no matter how small, with God. You should have your Bible readily available, because there are a lot of biblical references. And hey, maybe you don’t totally get the God thing and that is perfectly okay. Our creator is very patient and thank goodness, the Higher Being waits for us. Most of the sections highlighted in bold are from the book. I am just sharing with you, so hopefully you have purchased the book and/or CDs. Amazon is my favorite purchase site, it is fast and cheap. Like a really good wine on a cold Chicago day.

A few critical thoughts:
Love is Patient. Patience is where love meets wisdom. Patience makes you stay instead of bailing out.

Biblical Verse(s):
James 1:19

Demonstrate patience! You are commissioned to show simple acts of patience and then share with us. If your relationship(s) is on a very rocky path, then this characteristic is especially important.

Q: If you are the more patient person in any of your relationships, does that mean that you forsake getting your way most of the time?