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Reflections of Love – Where is the Party? January 23, 2010

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Made it through five days of daring to love.  At first I wasn’t going to blog today, as it is Saturday, but then I realized that love does not take the weekend off – so neither shall I.  Instead of doing a day six, I decided to use the weekend as a period to reflect on the lessons of the week. 

Let me do a commercial break real quick:  I watched the Matrix today, and I just need to say this – I so don’t get it.  Lots of kung fu type fighting, heavy erotic scenes and people disappearing through brick walls. And the Oracle? If anyone understands this movie and I did watch all three, please just help a sista out. At the end of the trilogy, all I could muster was –  WTH.  I also watched Lovely Bones and it was simply awesome.  I have only cried twice while watching a movie, “Beaches,” (I have a best friend since six and I can not imagine my life without her), and “Imitation of Life,” (I understand the heart-breaking love of a mother trying to teach her daughter to just love herself). 

Break over:  So what did we learn about love this week and how did we do on the challenges? I’ve collected some words of wisdom and inspiration from my fellow bloggers.  Some of you guys never told us how you did on each challenge, please feel free to blog this weekend as I am very interested in your experiences!

Love is Patient:
Relationships are a partnership. And I don’t always mind not getting my way when I see that trying things my partner’s way will make him happy and feel supported. But its a two-way street. “Denene”

Love Shows Kindness:
When dealing with all my relationship I put kindness out in front. Hey, sometime it’s difficult. People will take you there but I’m responsible for my actions. “Darentiz

Love is not Selfish:
Whenever someone appreciates you , pls say thank you because they are not only admiring you but also admiring your creator. “Shawn”

Love is Thoughtful:
I will make it my duty to be more attentive to the things that people want to do for me in my life. “Cat”

Love is not Rude:
It really makes us as parents stop and think about how our children see us….We are suppose to set good examples for them… “Cynthia”

Please keep loving with me and remember that if we just Dare to Love each and everyone whom we come in contact with, oh what a mighty day.  Each of us is capable of challenging ourselves to a higher level of being.  The kind acts that that you do every day, no matter how small, will in fact, affect someone.  So, please never stop loving.  Until next week, I love you with all of my heart and soul!

Have an awesome weekend!


Day Four – Love is Thoughtful January 21, 2010

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What does it really mean to be thoughtful?  It is defined as demonstrating thought or careful consideration; demonstrating kindness or consideration for others.  Seems simple enough – right?  Yet, it does appear that this is an area where many of us fall short.  Every day life tends to consume us, whether it is our job, the kids, our friends or even the bus driver.  We just don’t have time to really think about what it means to be thoughtful.  When was the last time that you did something for your wife with no regard to self.  Just sat down and listened to her tell you all about her hectic day and then without her asking, took her shoes off and rubbed her feet.   How about you actually telling him how you feel about a situation instead of speaking in riddles and rhymes, and then getting mad because he just does not get it.  It only leaves him feeling extremely baffled about why you are upset.  We flawed humans have some peculiar ways of expressing ourselves, and often it is not in the most thoughtful or sane way. When we are thoughtful, it opens up positive doors of communication and we are able to bridge the gaps in our relationships by just being considerate of our partners.  We all struggle with how to really show the people in our lives that we love them, how about starting at just being thoughtful and listening without regard to what is brewing in our own mind.  I will practice this attribute today with everyone that I come in contact with and that includes those in my emails as well.  Do I have any takers on this one…

A few critical thoughts:
Husbands should listen to their wives and learn to be more thoughtful. Thoughtfulness builds bridges on both sides. Women often times speak in riddles and not exactly what is on their minds whereas men are more literal and just say exactly what they mean.  Women think relational and are able to juggle multiple things: kids, cooking, cleaning and work.  Men sometimes are one-dimensional and often struggle in the area of thoughtfulness.

Biblical Verse(s):
Psalms 139: 17-18 – How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I would count them, they are more than the sand. I awake, and I am still with you.
Philippians 1:3 – I thank my God for all the memories I have of you. (GOD’S WORD ® Translation)

Resources: The Love Dare by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick

Contact your mate today for no specific reason to find out how they are doing, and to see if there is anything that you can do for them.

Q: How can thoughtful behaviors and actions become a part of your everyday life?

Have a blessed day, I love you!

Welcome! January 17, 2010

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This is my first attempt at blogging. At 6am (CST), I decided that I needed to create my own little space in the world, outside of facebook. I was inspired to do so based on the movie Julie/Julia. Yes, I do love cooking, however, not enough to simply blog about it. I am fascinated by relationships of all kinds, and I do mean – ALL.

Before we get started, we need to set some rules, I think.  We should always be respectful when sharing.  This is about learning to love unconditionally, so we must be loving.  We can agree to disagree, kiss and write more.  I am learning my way around this thing, so if I fumble, help me up.  I hope to become a better writer, but more importantly, a better person.

Thank you,