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Day 14 – Love Takes Delight February 4, 2010

Posted by poetiscian in love.
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No matter how much you tell yourself – it just seems that you are no longer in love with your spouse.  He simply can’t do anything right as far as you are concerned.  You’ve tussled with the idea for the last couple of months and it has just come down to the simple fact, the love is gone. You hate the way she nit-picks you about the smallest inconsequential things. The last argument was too much and after much consideration, you’ve decided that you no longer want them as a best friend.  In these situations, someone has determined that a relationship divorce is the clearest choice. Where is the delight?

Mama said “there would be days like this” and she was right.  But I am here to tell you that Father said, “stand firm on your obligation to love and honor one another” and he too was right. It is a shame that we discard relationships so easily.  Toss in the towel when things are not going our way. Just up and abandon the person, the dreams and most importantly the commitment to love the person for life. Sometimes for something that could have easily been resolved if you both sat down and communicated.  It was a choice to be together, so you should want to honor that choice by sticking by your partner.

Start by remembering why you were first delighted to have the person in your life. Choose to think about the positive attributes of your wife. Focus on what made you love him in the first place. Stop criticizing one another and start being more patient with one another’s faults.  We are all flawed in the sight of our Lord and Master.

Today you have a real chance to change your behavior – choose to be delighted by the people whom you love.  Don’t just throw away a relationship and blame it on the other person.  Take ownership of your own emotions and live up to your responsibilities – for it takes two to really want to be one!

A few critical thoughts:
Have a radical change of heart. Make the decision to delight in your spouse no matter how long you have been in the relationship. Welcome your partner back into your heart.

Biblical Verse(s):
Ecclesiastes 9:9 – Enjoy life with the wife you love all the days of your fleeting life.
Proverbs 23:26 – My son, give me your heart and let your eyes keep to my ways…

Resources: The Love Dare by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick
Online Blogger: The Power of our Beliefs by Robin Easton

Purposefully neglect an activity you would normally do so you can spend quality time with your spouse. Do something he or she would love to do or a project they’d really like to work on. Just be together.

Q: Is it hard to let down your guard and let those back into our lives that have disappointed us?

Have a blessed day, I love you!



1. Alexia McLean - February 4, 2010

Thank you! It’s nice to be reminded sometimes of what we should be doing, and to focus on the positive. To remember why we fell in love in the first place and why it meant so much to us to keep our love strong and everlasting. Sometimes it’s good that there will always be temptation and obstacles, because overcoming them together only makes the love you have for each other stronger. Furthermore, that good feeling that comes after, the one that shows you how much your love is appreciated and cherished.

Dawn - February 6, 2010

Alexia, thank you and welcome. When we are able to overcome obstacles as a unit, then we are truly on the road to discovering real love. Love in its purest form that requires nothing back, sometimes, not even love. Because then that would be a condition.

I whole-hardheartedly agree on the good feeling. There is nothing greater than loving and being loved. Even though I am single, I am not alone and it is a warm feeling knowing that God is my partner and loves me unconditionally.

Thanks for sharing, and please continue to read and share your thoughts and experiences.

2. Ressie - February 4, 2010

We should be taking delight in the joys of our relationships whether with your children, parents, friends, and partners. For these relationships are blessings from GOD that we should take delight in, always. thanks for reminding us!

3. Cat - February 10, 2010

I believe it is difficult to let someone back into your life once you’ve discovered another way or technique at dealing with life circumstances. That person that you once confided with and loved may not recognize you and wants the old you back. If you do turn back to your old self then there is a strong possibility that you wont be happy. Hopefully that person that you wanted to share your whole life with will have the desire to meet the new you and embrace this confident being. A strong foundation is essential for this meeting of hearts to absorb one another. Prayer and the ability to allow God to make this adjustment to flow is key. Move out of the way. Your foundation has to be solid too. So be patient and don’t look back once your path has been made clear. Where ever that path may lead you.

4. Dawn - February 10, 2010

Cat, surely this is my personal moment. Built a relationship on a foundation of lies and expected it to mend itself and support the weight that was placed upon it. Now years later, realize that is not the way to go into a relationship.

Every day attempting to love me and move forward without her – it is a challenge, so I am in constant prayer. Joyce Meyers says, “you may never understand why,” and that is where I am right now. My path has been made clear long before now – I just need to get and stay on it.

Thanks for bringing this to my consciousness.

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