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Jack and Jill From my Perspective… January 24, 2010

Posted by poetiscian in love, Reflection.
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Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.  It is amazing how a simple grammar school rhyme can have such an eloquently hidden message.  If only the true meaning associated with Jack and Jill was discovered during adolescence. This is a rhyme about relationships…

No matter if you replace Jack with Jennifer or Jill with John, or leave as is – the message is still the same.  When one partner falls in a relationship, the other is sure to follow.  How did I get that from such a simple school yard chant? Let us analyze this together.

The two are a couple in a relationship of some sort and they start off together, thus Jack and Jill went. The hill is synonymous for everyday life occurences – bills, the kids, the job, in-laws and the list goes on, up a hill.  They are doing what it takes to keep up their household, to fetch a pail of water. One person in the relationship looses their balance – laid off, sickness, family crisis, and such, Jack fell down.  Whatever the material thing that was in his possession is now lost, destroyed, fractured and/or broken, and broke his crown. During this time of crisis, the partner that was following closely also is caught up in the landslide, and finally, and Jill came tumbling afterwards

Whatever happened to the happy couple that started up the hill of life together, merrily swinging their pail?  Did they get up and brush themselves off and regroup to head back up that hill to successfully get that water?  Is Jack still in search of his broken crown and thus had to abandon his relationship?  Maybe Jill climbed that hill by herself only to discover that no water even existed at the top.

I want to believe that Jack and Jill landed at the bottom and realized that they forgot to take the Holy Spirit with them on their journey.  They landed at the bottom on their knees and together they prayed for the right foot holes to make it back to the top of that hill.  They tossed the Bible in the pail so that when they were weak, they could read about how He is a provider during the midnight.  I want to believe that the couple made it back up that hill and once at the top they witnessed another who had also traveled the steep hillside.  There was Boo Peep helping Jesus attend his sheep for she too had some challenges in which she overcame.

I found a Jack and a couple of Jills’ who concurred to the testimony of love during our first five days of the Dare to Love Challenge.

Love is Patient:
Relationships only work and have longevity when one becomes disciplined and mature enough to take SELF out of the center. “Patrick”

Love Shows Kindness:
Sometimes the very people who are not kind to us, are the very people that we need to release from our inner circle. “Poetiscian”

Love is not Selfish:
I was being selfish to my own dreams…As woman we sometimes fail to see how much we sacrifice ourselves for many things. “California”

Love is Thoughtful:
I’ve resolved to say If someone can’t treat you right,love you back, and see your worth LET IT GO. “Walking on Faith”

Love is not Rude:
I really enjoy reading your words of wisdom and encouragement. “Shae”

I hope you are enjoying a very blessed Sunday and that you are keeping our Lord constant in all that you do and say!  I look forward to blogging with you tomorrow as we continue our 40-Day Challenge by Daring to Love.

I love You (unconditionally).



1. Darentiz - January 24, 2010

Great analogy!!! Having God’s word in your heart will help you manuver the challenges of life. To get to the top TOGETHER we must rely on our faith and the love of God. Relationships must work together to be successful. Work as one in Christ.

2. Denene - January 24, 2010

What a great revelation. And the fall together is just another opportunity to see the solidarity and oneness of the relationship. Of course, it wouldve been good if Jill had managed to stay up the hill. Who knows, maybe she didn’t come “tumbling after” right away. Maybe she stood and then willing went after her man, Jack. Either way, I like to look at the fall as an opportunity to go at that hill once again; together and stronger for having the experience of the fall. We must fall down the hill to see whether we’re strong enough; have faith enough to get back up and go at it again. Have faith enough to tell that mountain to be cast into the sea! It must obey.

3. Cas - January 25, 2010

I too like the analogy. I think somewhere in our relationships we forget the partnership. We start to take on “roles”. One person does the cooking, one does the shopping etc… Next thing you know in comes resentment, angry, jealousy and God is out the window.

Recently I realized that one of my friendships was no longer displaying qualities of love. I realized this from reading Dare to Love. It is hard sometimes to put the measuring stick up to our own lives. It is easier for me to tell you what is wrong than admit things are awary in my own relationships.

But I am committed to being healthier this year in all areas of my life. When I find cancerous spots, I am asking God for the strength, wisdom and courage to allow him to remove them.

4. poetiscian - February 2, 2010

@Cas: I am truly blessed to have you journal-ing and journey-ing with us. Like you said, looking on the inside of our own lives is often challenging for the windows are often times quite foggy. As we make make this journey, I pray we all increase our faith in God and his magnificent wisdom.

Thank you for sharing and always, I so look forward to you inspiring me to reach a tad bit higher.

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