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Day One – Love is Patient January 18, 2010

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Mind you, day one could last a minimum of one day or possibly a month. When I started on this love dare thing, I was in a very dysfunctional relationship. A relationship that from inception was based on a gigantic lie. That was 6 years ago. Well, lets just say that I started listening to the CD that I downloaded to my IPOD. What I discovered truly amazed me – one does not need to be in an intimate relationship nor marriage to benefit from the “The Love Dare” tapes.

However, one does need to have a relationship, no matter how small, with God. You should have your Bible readily available, because there are a lot of biblical references. And hey, maybe you don’t totally get the God thing and that is perfectly okay. Our creator is very patient and thank goodness, the Higher Being waits for us. Most of the sections highlighted in bold are from the book. I am just sharing with you, so hopefully you have purchased the book and/or CDs. Amazon is my favorite purchase site, it is fast and cheap. Like a really good wine on a cold Chicago day.

A few critical thoughts:
Love is Patient. Patience is where love meets wisdom. Patience makes you stay instead of bailing out.

Biblical Verse(s):
James 1:19

Demonstrate patience! You are commissioned to show simple acts of patience and then share with us. If your relationship(s) is on a very rocky path, then this characteristic is especially important.

Q: If you are the more patient person in any of your relationships, does that mean that you forsake getting your way most of the time?



1. Denene - January 18, 2010

I would say “yes” we all forsake getting our way at some point. But that isn’t a bad thing. Or at least we shouldnt feel that it is a bad thing. However it does make or at least it should cause you to evaluate the relationship and whether the other person ever gives in to your way when it feels like you NEVER get your way. Relationships are a partnership. And I don’t always mind not getting my way when I see that trying things my partner’s way will make him happy and feel supported. But its a two-way street. I also need support and need to have him go my way. When you love someone, you enjoy putting a smile on their face. Making a friend or spouse happy makes you happy and you trust that they’ll put work in to make you happy. Whenever we give unselfishly, you both end up being happy. Jesus taught that the greatest command is love; love God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind; and love your neighbor as you love yourself. Even if you don’t receive love in return, you’ve planted a seed on the giving, unselfish nature of love. Eventually we all learn.

2. Dawn - January 19, 2010

Thank you Denene. Today my daughter decided that she did not like my response to her own personal situation. Instead of accepting my answer and figuring out another solution to her daycare needs, she commenced to have a “cuss” tantrum in my house. Instead of shouting back at her, I instead implemented this very command – patience. I politely repeated my stance and then used silence to finish off the situation. As the book mentions, it is he who is slow to anger that is exhibiting love.

How did you do today in terms of patience?

3. Patrick Barry - January 19, 2010

Whether you are the more patient of the two or not you have to remember that 1 Corithians 13 teaches us the love is patient… Patience is a non-negotiable attribute of love. Relationships only work and have longevity when one becomes disciplined and mature enough to take SELF out of the center. We have to be “other oriented.” When we manage to put the loved before the lover we find ourselves contributing to the health of a relationship rather than the harm of it. Granted BOTH individuals on the relationship need to practice this but one must take responsibility for their own disposition and operate in this way whether the other does it of not.

poetiscian - January 19, 2010

Okay Patrick, so how does one acquire patience? Was there an act of patience exhibited today or in the past towards your wife or fellow being that you can share with us?

4. Brandee - January 19, 2010

Ok to answer that question I believe if you are the more patient person in some ways you always get your way, just differently.. Sometimes the patients that you exhibit shows a sign of inner strength and rilsence and that is what I believe is somewhat needed and warranted.

5. poetiscian - January 19, 2010

Brandee – share: What specifically have you gotten by just being patient?

6. Mr Wright - January 19, 2010

When one reaches a state of unconditional love, patience is a given. Patience (true patience) cannot be obtained without the prerequisite of unconditional love. Patience therefore doesnt keep score of whose desires are being met or “we never do what i want to do”. Patience isnt concerned with “self”, but rather the greater good of “us”.

7. Cas - January 19, 2010

First let me say that I do not have a partner currently. After day one I I found that I did not get angry at anyone. But I had negative thoughts towards others and found it difficult not to verbalize those thoughts. This demonstrates a lack of patience with others. I am committed to continue to work on this principle. I understand that without patience there becomes no place for love. I will read day two but will attempt to get through a day with total patience before starting the next dare.

8. Darentiz - January 20, 2010

Patience is essential for any relationship of substance. I’ve been in a relationship for 15 years and I could not have made it without patience. The both of us had to be patient with the other. We loved and wanted to start a life together but that was just the beginning. How would we blend our lives, our children and our families? What skills would we need to be successful? Patience and kindness were high on the list. Patience in understanding and accepting the needs of the other.Patience when responding to family and sometimes friends. Kindness when life is stressful and yes life is stressful alot of the time. Work, children, and family can put a toll on any relationship and if yours happens to be same sex, well you can imagine…And so kindness toward your partner with never ending patience is golden. If you happen to be the most patient, that’s fine. Remember why you’re patience (love) and what you want in and out of your relationship(unconditional love). I do and now we’re living our lives like they’re GOLDEN!

poetiscian - January 20, 2010

Patience has always been my Achilles’ heel. When I feel as though I have been wronged either physically or emotionally, then the tongue is unleashed and deadly words are delivered with coldness and acute precision. I applaud you on the longevity of your relationship, because I have been through four in that same amount of time. I continually pray for patience and control over what I say. I will read and re-read your words of wisdom and really work on this attribute for at the end of my journey I do want to experience true and unconditional love within all of my relationships.

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