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Welcome! January 17, 2010

Posted by poetiscian in Irritability, Kindness, love, Patience, Reflection, Rudeness, Selfishness, Thoughtfulness.
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This is my first attempt at blogging. At 6am (CST), I decided that I needed to create my own little space in the world, outside of facebook. I was inspired to do so based on the movie Julie/Julia. Yes, I do love cooking, however, not enough to simply blog about it. I am fascinated by relationships of all kinds, and I do mean – ALL.

Before we get started, we need to set some rules, I think.  We should always be respectful when sharing.  This is about learning to love unconditionally, so we must be loving.  We can agree to disagree, kiss and write more.  I am learning my way around this thing, so if I fumble, help me up.  I hope to become a better writer, but more importantly, a better person.

Thank you,



1. sharell smith - January 19, 2010

Love is patience! I realize the harder I loved, the more patient I found myself. Surprised myself sometimes. Following through in relationships with love, patience and understanding..until the very end…..where I would usually find myself wiser and stronger. Now, I feel totally equipped to enjoy a relationship with the love of my life. Your blog is inspiring! As someone, who loves to write, its welcoming. Seems to be an interesting, bonding and easy read. I look forward to reading more of you!

2. Leslie - January 19, 2010

I applaud you for stepping out there and creating your own personal blog. The topic is an excellent idea!! While I presently have nothing to input on the topic (until I proof read/edit and re-read over and over again what ever I write- smile) I will periodically check back and read comments and perhaps chime in from time to time. Relationships of any kind are always interesting and hearing what others say about them is equally as interesting. Good luck Dawn!


3. Demaqe - January 19, 2010

Hi Dawn!

Congratulations on your new blog, and welcome to the blogosphere! I have been blogging for about two-years, and am glad to see you take the plunge. I enjoyed reading your posts, especially your second post. Family relationships are tough, and what I have learned while dealing with those tenous familial relationships is that you must operate in enduring love and patience, when dealing with family and friends. Often times, the ones who are closest to us drive us crazy the most! LOL.

Anyway, I think it is good to have a heart to heart when it comes to the types of relationships that are evergreen relationships–the ones that endure from alpha through omega–y’know the ones that are formed by familial bonds, ie., mother-daughter relationships, father-son, etc.

Reach out to your mom, hug her, tell her just how much you love her, and just talk to her . . . this is probably easier said than done, but definitely something that we all need to try with the people in our lives who we love.

4. poetiscian - January 19, 2010

Demaqe: Oh thank you so much for responding and as a matter of fact I was on the phone with her when I read your post. And by your words I was encouraged to tell her that I love her. Please continue to read and post as we need more people who are inspirational.

5. Shawn - January 19, 2010


I so am enjoying you blog, I think you are doing an excellent job! I remember when we were little and we use to sneak and read you plays that you wrote. I applaud and commend you.

6. Mr Wright - January 19, 2010


I’ve always known you to be thoughtful and insightful. I think a “blog space” would be ideal to allow your thoughts to soar. I commend you on taking such an incredibly “public” leap of faith. I’m looking forward to reading your blog and responding as time permits. I wish you well. BTW, “she”??? Think I missed something…

poetiscian - January 19, 2010

Keith, thank you for sharing as well as reading. At the end of the 40-Day I hope to have assisted folks in understanding some key components in true love.

On a sidenote: Yes, “she” my last relationship which lasted 6 years was with a woman and I only regret that we spent more time arguing and fighting instead of working through our issues 😦

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